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You Know Your Government is SELLING You Out To Shale Gas When They Throw Your Tax Dollars At The Industry

For those living in the state of Pennsylvania, you already know your wolf in sheeps clothing scorched earth Governor Corbett is prepared to rape your lands, and spoil your waters.  You already know he wants to destroy STATE PARK LANDS.  Seems though he is not the only politician repaying campaign donations that came from the vile (un)Natural Gas industry.  You know your politicians are selling you out when they propose almost FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS in GIVE BACKS to the (un)Natural Gas industry.  If they have their way, grants, tax incentives and other give backs will be given to any one wanting to JUMP ON THE (un)Natural Gas BAND WAGON, who wants to convert their fleets to (un)Natural Gas, or open up one or more (un)Natural Gas Stations on Pennsylvania's Interstate System!  In other words, almost FIFTY MILLION dollars of your tax money will be given to those ALREADY UBER RICH....this is a US verse THEM WAR FOLKS, and it is time for the little people to STAND UP AND BE HEARD.

By the way, if all fifty states follow suit, this (un)Natural Gas Industry WELFARE Program will steer BILLIONS into the hands of THOSE FRACKING YOUR LAND!  Steer BILLIONS into the hands of those wanting to pollute your SAFE DRINKING WATER SUPPLIES, and KILL YOUR CHILDREN.


  1. there is nothing un-natural about natural gas. I'm sure there is no point in even a moderate debate, but the industry doesn't have big "I hate kids" stickers on their trucks. People need to stop sensationalizing and start learning. Any studies from 20 years ago, not the same as what is happening now. fact is, this country demands energy, there isn't a green bullet to provide that, and we rely entirely too much on oil from other countries. This country was founded on principles of self reliance and it's a big step if we get our energy needs covered.

  2. Hello Anonymous

    Find it funny that you wish to have an intelligent discussion, yet the first action you take is to HIDE YOURSELF. You state this country was founded on SELF RELIANCE, yet you seem to forget, or choose to ignore the BILLIONS and BILLIONS in various subsidies and tax breaks that are being steered to your industry. How do you classify that as self reliance...our tax dollars supporting you in drilling for gas you are going to sell to us at a huge profit? I supposed people like me make up say the Natural Gas fire that has been burning now for eight days, that is expected to burn for another eight days? Do we make up the fact that your gas rigs involved in fracking are much larger these days, and MUCH LOUDER, and that they run 24/7, thus denying communities, citizens our children much needed sleep? Do we make up the property value statistics that show your moving in sees home values dropping like a rock? Do we make up the stories in the paper about contaminated drinking water supplies, or sewage treatment plants contaminated by your industry's waste streams? Those are facts, just as it is a fact that in PA alone, I can show you over 1400 Natural Gas violations just with the DEP. You want to have a reasoned discussion, I am game, but not until you are mannerly enough to step forward out of the shadows.

  3. thank you for actually publishing my first response, if only to ridicule me... i don't have any of the other options to choose anything other than anonymous. the last thing i'd do is give my email, but when i get something up and running, you'll be the first to know.

    as for the tax breaks, that's up to the elected officials. just as there's tax breaks for a lot of other industries, the oil & gas industry uses all tools available to it. Natural gas is hardly expensive, in fact, if your car ran on it, you'd likely pay more than 50% less than gasoline, it would probably actually be less than plugging in that hybrid to your coal fired electricity grid.

    Natural gas fire...Unfortunately, blowouts happen, and they can lead to a fire. it's also usually a clear sign that someone wasn't doing something right. i agree that as an industry, we don't do everything right, but we are getting better. drilling rigs have always run 24/7, they are no bigger now than ever, in fact many are more efficient and quieter than ever. frac equipment isn't any bigger either. though not a big fan of the 24 hour frac day, it does allow for them to move out quicker, and not every well is right in someones bedroom. better cementing practices and follow up, or any follow up, by a regulatory agency that would actually know what to look for would hopefully stop most of the well issues. there are better ways to deal with flowback water or produced water than taking it to a municipal treatment plant, and the gas industry needs to do what's right not what's cheap, i applaud your efforts there. by and large, most of the chemicals used are no different than what we already have in our houses. however, i don't think that is any reason to keep them secret from the public, especially those that are in close proximity to the wellsite. and to the last point of whether or not you make up scenarios, i don't think you make them up, but sensationalize much? there's no conspiracy to blow up houses in dimock, or in the dj basin. we, as in everybody, need to figure out how to not have this happen again

  4. Up to the politicians...there is a whole other discussion. Shall simply say, that many subsidies for many industries all come down to SPECIAL INTEREST lobbyist buying favor. Trust me, I have looked, and the Natural Gas folks are throwing money around in Washington DC in our state capitals like it is going out of style. As for the CHEAP price of Natural is an old ploy to GAIN MARKET SHARE...put it out cheap, get everyone to start changing over to UP DEMAND, and as the demand grows, the price goes up and Up AND UP. Getting better IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH...first, we want to know ALL THE CHEMICALS being used. Secondly, we want the industry to pay for their own ON SITE water purification systems. There are numerous examples of radionuclide's re-concentrating in sewage treatment sludge to a point of being above release criteria, leaving communities with CLEAN UP COSTS running into the tens of rural communities cannot afford. Why should the Natural Gas industry be able to dump this stuff into our sewage treatment plants if said materials over time TRASH OUR TREATMENT facilities. Notice you fail to address numerous known examples of water wells/springs and ponds being contaminated FOREVER by your industry...and it will get worse.


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