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Sullivan County's Future with Natural Gas Fracking
I live in Sullivan County New York...a place in the big picture of shale gas that is GROUND ZERO when it comes to FRACKING FOR NATURAL GAS in the Marcellus Shale because of the thickness of the vein that runs through our lands (some estimates put it at over 300 foot).  Sullivan county is some of the most historical and pristine land one would ever hope to enjoy...I discovered the beauty of the place back about six years ago when I started coming up each summer as a seasonal camper.  I got to know the people, found a great sense of community here, and took up residence.  It was after I moved into the area while attending a Slow Foods event that I became aware of the issue of Fracking thanks to the people at Catskill Citizens, who have been the leaders of the Frack Fight here in our area for quite some time.

We all know that the fight is gearing up, and that it is going to get a lot costlier in so many ways as David (our small rural communities) take on Goliath (the big Natural Gas companies and their BILLIONS of dollars) as we try to protect a way of life, try to protect our pristine lands and water resources, as well as the human health of our inhabitants. 

Catskill Citizens is looking for additional grassroots activists, is looking for people with ideas and energy.  If you are a person living in the southern teir of New York (Sullivan, Ulster, Westchester, Dutchess counties as example, or anyone living in New York City as we supply your fresh beautiful drinking water supply from our watershed) and have been wanting to get involved in this important Social/Health issue, would encourage you to Contact Catskill Citizens, or attend their Volunteer's Meeting on May 1st, 2011.

869 North Branch-Hortonville Road
North Branch, New York 12766
(845) 482-5925
Meeting Time:
11 AM on Sunday May 1

Bring your ideas, energy, and enthusiasm. Whatever skills you have can be put to good use. Remember, Catskill Citizens is an all-volunteer organization! For more information, contact: or call (845) 468 7063.

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