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Will It Take Armed Citizens Banning Together To Stop The Natural Gas Fracking?

This is not a rhetorical question...we can see numerous examples of citizens forced to let Natural Gas companies RAPE THEIR even watch industry PROPAGANDA video, and they proudly admit to doing horizontal hydraulic fracking a FULL MILE from their well heads.  here in NY if a leasing company can get 60 percent of the land (based on acreage...not land owners) will allow them to FRACK THE OTHER 40 PERCENT over land owners objections.   Watch this video...citizens cannot even own ANYTHING UNDER THEIR LAND....THE STATE DOES!...they sell the leases, and property owners get a pittance, and a fist full of problems.  What steps in this neighbor against neighbor FRACKING WARwill communities have to take to protect their property, their water their health?  It is a question each community must make, and sadly, sooner rather than later, as the GAS ROBBER BARONS are coming to a town near you.

Fracking is becoming a common method of natural gas extraction in shale formations throughout the U.S. including:

The Marcellus shale, which extends from New York State, though Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and into parts of Ohio, Maryland and Virginia;
the Haynesville-Bossier shale in Louisiana and Texas;
the Fayetteville shale in northern Arkansas and adjoining states;
the Barnett shale in Texas;
the Eagle Ford shale, in south Texas;
the Woodford shale, in Oklahoma and Texas.

@ over on Twitter...a Natural Gas Landman and Pro Natural Gas ZEALOT apparently did not appreciate my play on words when I used banning...but then, what would one expect from someone who so easily lies to people to get their signature on a land lease?

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