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How We Are GROOMED To Accept Our FATE...TV Stations AIRED Pro FRACK Video

You see an organization with a name like American Clean Skies, and you think to yourself it is an environmental group working to KEEP OUR AIR CLEAN. However, a quick cursory look at the organization, and you realize is a group with a (un)Natural Gas EXPLOITATION AGENDA, and it could be further ascertained/guessed that the biggest donors to this PRO Natural Gas organization based in Washington, DC are people employed within, owning or lobbying for Natural Gas fact, would state for the record here, that American Clean Skies LOBBIES FOR THE NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY.

Wanting to give American Clean Skies the benefit of the doubt visited the site, and looked at their press releases, and alarm bells began to ring...were people in the Marcellus Shale areas in Pennsylvania and New York being DUPED, being fed nationalist Propaganda courtesy of our local television stations? This concern rose when a press release announced that their documentary film on Shale Gas would be aired on local stations in the Shale Gas areas of these states...hmmm.
Groundbreaking Film on Natural Gas to Air on TV Stations in Pa. and N.Y.

WASHINGTON -- Citizens at the center of the natural gas boom will soon have the chance to see Shale Gas and America’s Future, a 30-minute, made-for-TV film that provides a unique look at how local communities are balancing trade-offs related to drilling in their back yards.

The American Clean Skies Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded to advance energy independence and a cleaner environment, commissioned the film and purchased the air time. 

First thing one should notice in this PRESS RELEASE, is the fact that the organization FAILS TO TELL THE PUBLIC THE WHOLE TRUTH of just who they are....they state, "as you can see above" that they are a nonprofit organization found to advance energy independence and a cleaner environment...they fail to, "as Paul Harvey would say" give you the rest of the story...on their Web Site, they tell us:

"Supporting energy independence and a cleaner, low-carbon environment through expanded use of natural gas, renewable s and efficiency."

How convenient that they FAIL TO INFORM you they have a PRO-(un)Natural Gas stance, are actually very supportive of policies that make it easier for Natural Gas companies to EXPLOIT Natural Gas resources through the use of  Horizontal Hydraulic Fracking.  Furthermore, who gave this organization the money to BUY THE AIR TIME in Marcellus Shale markets to run this half hour program?  Any one want to bet companies like BP America, Chesapeake Oil and Cabot were the DEEP POCKETS that paid for the air time to run this Propaganda Piece?  Can see people shaking their heads, thinking to themselves, "OMG, just another WHACKO Conspiracy Theorist who sees deceit and lies around every corner."  So, realizing this might be one's initial reaction, decided to take a PEEK at this Non-Profit's (Foundation is a not-for-profit organization exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) board of directors...

  • Aubrey K. McClendon
    Chairman of the Board; and Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Chesapeake Energy Corporation
  • Ralph Eads III
    Chairman, Energy Investment Banking Group of Jeffries & Company Inc.
  • Robert A. Hefner III
    Founder and owner of GHK Exploration; Author
  • Andrew J. Littlefair
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Clean Energy Note...Clean Enery is actually Clean Energy FUELS...and when you look at their board of directors, you find BOONE PICKENS!
  • Thomas S. Price, Jr.
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Chesapeake Energy CorporationMr. Price has been associated with Kerr McGee...need we say more?
  • Gregory C. Staple
    Chief Executive Officer, ACSF He is the organization's and the (un)Natural Gas Industry's proverbial Washington INSIDER.
So, a whole bunch of (un)Natural Gas Industry insiders FUNNEL some of their profits over into their VERY OWN NON-PROFIT (supposedly) environmental organization who CLAIMS they are all for CLEAN SKIES...yet, what you find out, is this organization's only real purpose is to Lobby for, and advertise for THE NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY...and trust me, they are throwing BIG MONEY at this organization...

In 2008, major ACSF expenditures to independent contractors included $19,275,086.00 for program management to Ackerman McQueen Inc., an Oklahoma City based corporation involved in marketing services, crisis communications, video production and political consulting. Another $710,000.00 was paid to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for energy initiative studies, and $517,400.00 was paid to WJLA TV 7 in Arlington, Virginia for advertising. 

So, a word of advise to EVERYONE...make sure the lamb telling you that Natural Gas is good for us is not in FACT A WOLF in SHEEPS CLOTHING.   There are TRILLIONS of dollars in profit to be made in raping our lands, destroying our clean water resources, and ACSF is just one example of just how devious the (un)Natural Industry is prepared to be in getting into and FRACKING your rural communities.

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