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Aluminum Chloride Use In Fracking...Who Cares If You Have Trouble Breathing...They Have (un) Natural Gas

Did you know a Natural Gas Rig close to your house runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with crews working in 12 hours short, you are never free from the onslaught.

As I delve deeper into this issue, one thing is certain...those wanting to drill for Natural Gas, those wanting the energy it could provide seem to think nothing of the inconveniences it will cause local communities, seem at best apathetic to the health and environmental issues surrounding this troublesome rush to employ  Fracking in the capture of and processing of America's abundant natural gas sources...question is, what is a fair price to ask us in the affected areas to pay so that you can have access to additional energy sources in the large Metro Area population centers?  Today's chemical...

Aluminum Chloride

May cause irritation to the respiratory tract. Symptoms may include coughing and shortness of breath.
Low single dose toxicity. Ingestion of large amounts may cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal spasms.
Skin Contact:
May cause irritation.
Eye Contact:
May cause irritation, redness and pain. 

Again, if one takes just a bit of time to investigate the complaints of those living near a Natural Gas well, these are some of the very symptoms they are complaining of, but in a callous disregard for the local communities these Ungodly wells are in, the Gas Companies (think Chesapeake Energy as example) simply shake their heads, laugh and look at the local citizens and say, "PROVE IT IS US", knowing the well will have been played, and themselves long gone before the people start dying off.

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