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What hydrofracking really means to us: Citizens Beware

 So, the Landman is knocking on doors and promising FIST FULLS OF DOLLARS to any one that shows and interest.  He hits the large acreage holders first, knowing a few of them will make it easier for him to use duress too get the small land holders to cave in and sign...but what does fracking coming to your community really mean?  Below is a list I found that I have borrowed and embellished a bit as more truths come out about the horror of Fracking use in the Natural Gas Industry...before you sign that lease, before you take the proverbial 35 pieces of Judas silver ask yourselves, "Is this what I want for my community, for my children and their children."  Any one with soul, with heart, with conscience will make the right decision and send the Landman packing.

• Industrialization of our quiet rural communities, even destruction of suburban neighborhoods.
• Contaminated water wells, springs and streams leaving us poisoned drinking water.
• Loud obnoxious diesel engines running 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, with lights on.
• Significant and constant air pollution from evaporation of flowback ponds filled with TOXIC chemicals.
• Further contamination of our air from the escaping gas, which is “normal”...BUT UNSAFE and NOXIOUS.
• Contamination of livestock, pets, and wild animals, including, of course,'ll love the dead bloated carcass laying in your yard, and a Natural Gas employee telling, "It's not us, deal with it."
• Massive depreciation of property values, leaving them all but unsalable...who wants a home that has NO ACCESS TO SAFE DRINKING WATER?
• Imported Migrant workers from Texas and Louisiana, not local workers as the Natural Gas companies lie and say, "Sorry, your local workers do not have the right skill sets for this work.
•Increased crimes again a person initiated by people with too much money in their pockets and time on their hands.
• Tremendous increase in heavy truck traffic day and night ruining roads, causing accidents, and DUMPING TOXINS when they can get away with it.
• Fish kills in now polluted lakes, ponds, rivers and streams...sure that is what you want your children to see when you go for a spring walk down to the pond of stream.
• Increase in taxes to pay for what these gas companies cost us...IE, radioactively contaminated Sewage Treatment plants that will require remediation AT LOCAL CITIZENS EXPENSE. 
• The rancid, headache causing smell of diesel exhaust in the air, 24/7, and lets not forget THE NOISE.
• Devastation of tourism trade, destruction of local agriculture.
• Health problems, including cancers, childhood leukemia and birth defects  from the toxic Natural GAs drilling pollution and the stress that comes from living in an industrial wasteland devoid of all beauty and normalcy of life.
• A net loss of jobs, and over time a destruction of your local community tax base.

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