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Another GREAT LITTLE VIDEO...A Poisonous Hole

Another great little anti flacking video...give it a look see.

Studying The Propaganda...Chesapeake Energy Makes Such A Vile And Destructive Process Seem So CLEAN

Any one up to taking this digital photographer on a tour of an actual Natural Gas Drill site to make a record of reality to use as comparison against Chesapeake Energy's propaganda piece on YouTube wherein they present the fracking process as such a CLEAN and HARMLESS action, almost as if they love our lands? Not yet physically been to one of these sites, but having visited the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant years ago as a Anti Nuke activist, be willing to bet the proverbial farm that Chesapeake Energy's little YouTube video in no way shape or form resembles on the ground reality of their drilling sites.  Tell us there Chesapeake many VIOLATIONS have you had in the state of Pennsylvania so far?  How many times did you SIMPLY IGNORE THOSE VIOLATIONS, FAIL TO RESPOND TO THEM, as if your money allows you to be ABOVE THE LAW?

Take Paradise Put Up a Shale Gas Fracking Rig...Sure The Governor Personally Approved This One

 Tiadaghton State Forest-Beautiful place this Tiadaghton State Forest...pristine woodland area with 80 year growth since it's lumbering days, beautiful clean water, a great place for hiking, walking, and a host of other leisure/recreational things...A PEOPLES PARK.  So imagine my surprise today when reading Twitter to find out a major segment of its trail has been temporarily SHUT DOWN, put off limits so that a SHALE GAS WELL can be placed, and some greedy gas company can FRACK THE HELL out of the area, destroy its natural beauty, despoil its pristine crystal clear waters, and more than likely permanently and forever scare the landscape...HELLO, this is the peoples land...who in the world in Pennsylvania sign such a short sighted lease with the (un)natural gas industry?

The mother of a Boy Scout gave me the heads up on this one, so give her a follow on twitter.....(see Hikers Guide, segment 15)

sf-sm map icon Tiadaghton Maps Detailed maps can help you plan your trip. Download the public use map and other trail and recreational activity maps.
Tiadaghton State Forest is comprised of 215,500 acres mostly in Lycoming County. Other tracts extend into Tioga, Sullivan, Potter, Clinton, and Union counties. Tiadaghton's forest features high-country flats bisected by clean, fast-moving mountain streams, including the legendary Pine Creek and Slate Run.

9 Marcellus Shale Stocks With TOP BUY Ratings, and WHY YOU SHOULD NOT

NEW YORK (TheStreet) does not seem to have a social conscious apparently...least ways not when it talks about Marcellus Shale Stocks that should be in an investors portfolio.  Suppose if you are ALL ABOUT GREED, do not care about the environment, have no real concerns about protecting our drinking water supply, and have no qualms about negatively impacting human health, their suggestions are good ones.  However, if you are a socially evolved being, if you have compassion for your fellow man, if environmental and social issues are something you care about, you might want to think about DIVESTING YOURSELF of any of these holdings, rather than investing in them.

Chesapeake Energy(CHK) Their partner in Marcellus Shale went into a deferment program under a plea deal arrangement to avoid criminal prosecution for BRIBING POLITICIANS.  Furthermore, Chesapeake Energy is the most frequently charged violator of DEP regulations in the state of PA...maybe that is why the Governor will not let inspectors issue citations without first getting permission from higher ups?  God forbid that abiding by the laws put in place to protect human health and the environment should interfere with company profits.

Penn Virginia (PVA)  For starters...WILMINGTON, Del.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rigrodsky & Long, P.A. announces that it is investigating potential claims against Penn Virginia GP Holdings, L.P. (“PVG” or the “Company”) (NYSE: PVG) concerning possible breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of law related to the Company’s entry into an agreement to be acquired by Penn Virginia Resource Partners, L.P. (“PVR”) (NYSE: PVR).Seriously folks, simple Google Searches find unsavory facts about every one of "The Streets" buy recommendations...guess ethics do not count? 

Just in the state of PA. you can see a HOST OF VIOLATIONS totally over 1400.

Carrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO)Just one example...March 18, 2010, Carrizo Oil and Gas, Rush Township.Failure to restore site within nine months of completion of drilling or plugging. Well drilling was completed April 19, 2009. Fracking was completed Aug. 24, 2009. Well is completed and not yet in production. Site ID is still in place, no well tag in place.

Consol Energy(CNX) 

Rex Energy(REXX),  

Gastar Exploration(GST) 

ECA Marcellus Trust(ECT)

The Williams(WMB)

Magnum Hunter Resources(MHR)

We left six companies us a favor, pick one company, do a Google search, and share their crimes with us in the COMMENTS section below post.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, Your Community Has Probably Been Listening to A Landman...Calls For Morantorium on State Permits on Marcellus Wells Picking Up Speed

Pick an old adage..."what glistens is not gold", "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is" and they all seem to fit the BOLD PROMISES(lies) being made by self serving parties that has created the GOLD RUSH frenzy in the (un)Natural Gas industry as companies and landmen fall over each other in what may be one of the biggest land/resource grabs in American history.  Better late than never, communities and some politicians are waking up, starting to ask questions that the Natural Gas Industry does not want to answer, and as these people learn more, the rally cry calling for a Moratorium on the issuance of Shale Gas state permits is growing...the latest call comes with a bit of CLOUT as Delegates Barbara Fleischauer (Monongalia County) and Mike Mannypenny (Taylor County) and 21 other Delegates have joined in calling for a moratorium on any new permits for Marcellus gas wells in the state of West Virginia. 

Special Thanks to Frack Check WV for the heads up on this important story.

Shale Gas Drilling...It's FRACKING HELL

Another You Tube Video that packs a lot of truth about the hell that is can so many be so uninformed about this important issue?  Is it ignorance of the facts, apathy, or have we as a nation forgotten how to care, forgotten how to get off our collective fat asses and march for a just cause?


White House and Obama On Energy Security...LET FRACKING BEGIN....Safely Of Course

If you visit the White House website, you can look at the President's fact sheet on Energy Security...included in his portforlio is one brief paragraph that makes it clear he wants shale gas production INCREASED, but of course promises it will be done safely....this on the same day that RADIATION WAS FOUND in Washington state milk.  

Encouraging responsible development practices for natural gas:  The Administration is committed to the use of this important domestic resource, but we must ensure it is developed safely and responsibly. To that end the Administration is focused on increasing transparency about the use of fracking chemicals, working with state regulators to offer technical assistance, and launching a new initiative to tap experts in industry, the environmental community and states to develop recommendations for shale extraction practices that will ensure the protection of public health and the environment.

So any one else skeptical of his promise to see that shale extraction practices will be done in a way that ensures protection of the public health and environment? So much for ALL THAT HOPE we had back in 2008.

In Pennsylvania WTF Moment, Memo Strips Oil and Gas Inspectors Ability To ISSUE VIOLATION CITATIONS!

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, a rabid supporter of  the shale gas industry is showing he has the balls of a Woolly Mammoth, the ethics of Bernard Madoff, and the compassion of one of Satan's demon spawn...seems he has decided Oil and Gas inspectors (the small handful there are) policing the Marcellus Shale lease holders can no longer issue a notice of violation without FIRST GETTING the approval of two of his political appointees.  This blog encourages ALL ANTI FRACKERS ACROSS AMERICA to reach out via phone and fax and give Tom Corbett a piece of your mind.

Governor Tom Corbett
Phone: (717) 787-2500
Fax:     (717) 772-8284 

You can also visit his WEBSITE and leave him an email.

Know Thine Enemy...The (DUG) Developing Unconventional Gas Conference

April 18-20, 2011 in Fort Worth Texas, HARTENERGY is hosting the (DUG)Developing Unconventional Gas Conference at the Fort Worth Convention Center.  The cast of characters (patrons) and industry supporters (exhibitors) is a treasure trove list of those Companies/Organizations who, through fracking, are contaminating community drinking water supplies, despoiling our environment, and negatively affecting the health of those who have the misfortune of living near a natural gas well.  A big part of this writer wishes to be in Fort Worth, as this is a great opportunity to gathered up some wonderful information (free handouts), and perhaps even do some serious business card collecting.  Since Forth Worth is a far distance away, shall instead encourage some of the Anti-Frackers in the area to make an appearance if you have the opportunity, and share here in this article the names of some of the patrons  found on the conference least then, a list of those companies websites/links can be accumulated for posting at a future date and time.  Sure would be nice to know how much money was spent for these OUTRAGEOUSLY OVER RATED slots at the conference...exhibitors list will be shared in another post.

Un-Natural Gas...Sometimes Simple Videos Say SO MUCH TRUTH

Thanks to Frack Attack for bringing this little video to our attention over on Twitter...felt it was WELL WORTH THE SHARE!

Companies Like Chesapeake Energy Spend MILLIONS on Propanganda

If you go visit some of Chesapeake Energy's propaganda sites, read their so called FACT SHEETS you soon realize how easily those within the Nature Gas industry come to lying...or who knows, maybe they are so blinded by their quests for huge profits that they are truly blind to the damage FRACKING has done and will do to our environment.  Sure Chesapeake Energy wants to race forward in mock outrage at such an allegation, but some simple Google Searches quickly prove the point that they hold the environment, and average citizens in high disdain.

Google Chesapeake Energy Environmental Violations, and you find FIFTEEN THOUSAND hits...that number in and of itself should give every American cause for concern, should see us doubting any study, any fact sheet bearing their company name.  In the past three years the Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Dept. has cited 47 well operators more than 900 times for "environmental health and safety" violations with Chesapeake Energy LEADING THE PACK...even worse, in some cases, they just simply IGNORED THE REGULATIONS, did what they wanted to do.

After a routine site inspection March 8 and a March 10 meeting with Chesapeake, DEP issued a notice of violation for several infractions of the Clean Streams Law and Oil and Gas Act. The company did not respond to the notice. During follow-up inspections March 21 and 22, staff discovered the additional violations and impacts that resulted in the March 22 order.

It is sorely tempting in the case of Chesapeake Energy and its various subsidiary holdings to use the word part because they seem fond of using fear, intimidation and  law suits to get their such case they filed was against a county clerk FOR DOING HER JOB.  When the recorders office protocols did not allow Chesapeake Energy to file gas drilling leases fast enough (this clerk's office has approved over 5,000 of their leases, the company MARCHED INTO COURT asking a judge to have her policies deemed unlawful.  This blogs guess...for Chesapeake Energy, it is not a matter of right or wrong, it is about bleeding a county's treasury down to force them to give into Chesapeake's preferred means of doing business...which one could suggest is unethical, if not unlawful...any one looked into a RICO case?

Apparently, a part of Chesapeake Energy's business model seems to be violate laws, regulations and contracts down, and negotiate out a fine later.  One such example of this, is their violation of a water agreement in Pennsylvania wherein they violated the agreed upon contract FORTY SEVEN TIMES in just a one year period, withdrawing more water from local water supplies than their maximum allowed daily amount.  Sure their paltry $20,000 fine for FORTY SEVEN VIOLATIONS was a bargain for them, and it makes you wonder just how many local politicians they own.

Chesapeake Energy, and other companies in the natural gas mix in a big way all seem to follow this same business model, and one would be well served to take their supposed FACT SHEETS and view them for what they are...not worth the paper they are printed on.

Protesters Successfully Crash Marcellus Conference

BIG NEWS happening now...Protesters successfully CRASH Marcellus Conference delivering a Bill of Indictment at a conference held to figure out a way around the BAD PRESS surrounding FRACKING...doing my SNOOPY DANCE HERE....way to go folks!  Read the article here.

Snow Just Hides Shale Gas Crimes
Donald Love, a senior technical service and development specialist with Dow Microbial Control, had just finished his presentation on addressing public skepticism about fracing chemicals when three members of an anti-drilling protest group walked into the conference room and announced: “We are here to deliver a bill of idictment of the natural gas industry. We would like to read these charges and we would like to debate here and now these charges again the industry.”

This is what Love was talking about. The entire morning at the IQPC Marcellus Shale Environmental Summit, there were discussions of how to steal the media spotlight from bad news and those who disapprove.

Industry professionals in the audience wondered aloud why no one ever reports the good news about the Marcellus.  Uhhhh....good news as in the profits lining their pockets as they DESTROY OUR COMMUNITIES?  That GOOD NEWS?

Just How Ugly Could It Get? 17,000 WELLS BAD with CRIMINALS at The Helm

Shale Gas Executives and Landmen
For those wanting to sit on the sidelines, for those wanting to IGNORE the whole shale gas issue, for farmers and others that say THEY JUST DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BE BOTHERED...wake up to just how bad this problem could get.  In a March 10th article published in the Charleston Gazzette (West Virginia) a Norwegian company (Statoil ASA) partnering with known polluter Chesapeake Energy  says it could drill 17,000 Marcellus wells in the next 20 years...HELLO, THIS IS JUST ONE COMPANY!  The article goes on to say that the agreement between the two companies covers 1.8 million acres and more than 32,000 leases in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio.

This is not the only player in the game people!  32,000 landowners have already sold out, bought into the lies and propaganda of the industry, or simply did not care about the harm shale gas drilling will bring to the community, cared only about personal wealth, even if getting it means poisoning their neighbors land, making their neighbors children sick.  Lets take a look at the vile, lying, cheating, unethical scums we are dealing with here...maybe in doing so, a few more people will wake up, will see truth, and will join the growing ranks of those opposed to shale gas drilling.

Statoil ASA

After three years of satisfying obligations under a deferred prosecution agreement, the charges against Statoil ASA for violating the anti-bribery and accounting provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA have been dismissed with prejudice. Statoil is an international oil company headquartered in Norway and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

“Three years of diligent efforts by Statoil to address past misconduct and serious compliance failures have led to the dismissal of foreign bribery charges against the company,” said Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer. “Bribing foreign government officials and then attempting to disguise the payments cannot be standard operating procedure. Companies that have robust compliance programs risk far less than companies that take their chances on possible FCPA violations.”

“This case shows that deferred prosecution agreements against corporations can work as an important middle ground between declining prosecution and obtaining the conviction of a corporation,” said U.S. Attorney Prett Bharara. “The deferred prosecution in this case helped restore the integrity of Statoils operations and preserve its financial viability while at the same time ensuring that it improved what was obviously a failed compliance and anti-corruption program.”

Lets not kid ourselves folks...these people got caught have shown themselves to be SCUM...even worse, the prosecutor admits THEY BRIBED OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS here in America.  Everyone CUT A DEAL...a deal that lets this unscrupulous company continue in business here in America, lets them KEEP THE THOUSANDS OF LEASES THEY HOLD that will in turn ALLOW THEM TO DRILL UP TO 17,000 wells in our rural lands. The above DEFERRED PROSECUTION is just one example of this company's corrupt business model.

 Chesapeake Energy

1.  State environmental regulators have halted work on a natural-gas well pad in northern Pennsylvania because of erosion that affected the water supply for hundreds of households.

The Department of Environmental Protection said Wednesday it issued the order against Chesapeake Energy Corp. on Tuesday after it did not respond to notice of violations of the Clean Streams Law and Oil and Gas Act.

The DEP says the violations involved site-preparation work that occurs before any drilling. It says a significant amount of sediment and silt was discharged into a stream that feeds a water source for Galeton borough in Potter County, forcing the water authority to switch to another source. DEP spokeswoman Katy Gresh says more than 1,000 households were affected.

2.  Socially Responsible Investment Firm Divests Chesapeake Energy
By Dale Wannen | March 23rd, 2011 
In times when oil prices are on the brink of huge increases and radiation leaks from Japanese nuclear reactors seem out of control, natural gas is the latest panacea of energy companies looking for cheap, quick solutions. While energy providers are jumping on the natural gas bandwagon, impact investors are jumping off just as quickly due to environmental concerns like fracking.

Harrington Investments, Inc., an investment advisory firm specializing in socially responsible investing (and my employer), announced today that it is divesting its entire holding in Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK) due to the corporation’s poor environmental record and its lack of accountability to shareholders.

Recently, the Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Department cited over 40 natural gas well operators more than 900 times for “environmental health and safety” violations.   Leading this unworthy group with 109 citations was Chesapeake Energy.

We are told not to name call...but come on folks, these companies are scum!  They are sending in their slick Landmen in their fancy cars, and expensive suits to sell us a RED HERRING, making VERBAL PROMISES that oddly enough are not found in the contracts people are tricked into signing.  They bribe our elected officials, buy off opposition, and then once they have the secured contracts and acreage to begin drilling, THEY IGNORE THE LAWS meant to protect human health and the environment.  Meanwhile, the grassroots activists who are sacrificing their time, money, and in some cases their health to sound the alarm are NOT BEING HEARD, or worse being ignored.  

Do not take our word for it when we sound the alarm, claim the sky is about too fall...instead, use our modern day technology for FIVE MINUTES....that is all it took  to find these and other violations concerning these two vile companies that want to start drilling in our communities here in New York.


A Do Not MISS Event...This Saturday, April 2, 2011...Glen Spey NY...FRACK The Movie

Not a big watcher of movies here...not that I do not enjoy them when I see them, just do not have a lot of time to enjoy such past times at this juncture in my life.  That said, this coming Saturday in Glen Spey New York, they will be premiering the movie FRACK...if you care about the environment, care about your health, care about your children and the world we will leave them, I encourage, I BEG YOU to attend this event, implore you to see this film.

When: Sat, April 2, 5:30pm – 9:00pm


Saturday April 2, 2011 from 5:30 - 10pm
Mountain View Resort
369 High Road, Glen Spey, NY 12737
Tel. (845) 856-1105

Beer and wine water and juice /soda for sale at the bar.

FRACK movie premiere in the ballroom.
Screenings at 6pm and 8pm.

Questions and Answers 9pm

Keynote Speakers after the film include David Morris, Director of FRACK! Mark Ruffalo actor, activist and Oscar nominee for "The Kids are Alright" Wes Gillingham director of Catskill Mountainkeeper, Bruce Ferguson of Catskill Citizens, Pat Carullo of Damascus Citizens, Julie and Craig Sautner, Residents of Carter Road in Dimock, PA

This event is sponsored by: Peter Comstock /Homestead School, Calin Riffle /Heirloom Acres, Mountain View Manor, Lumberland Concerned Citizens.

Directions and link to Mountain View Resort.  Beautiful luxury overnight accommodations can be booked for out of town guests on a first come first serve basis.

PS...if anyone is heading to this event from the Mountaindale area, I would love to ride share...leave me a comment, or email me at  


If The News is Bad, BURY THE REPORT

Our Drinking water is AT RISK
OK...This whole FRACKING thing has me upset...reading about the huge potential of radiological contamination from shale gas on top of everything else, upset is very quickly becoming livid. When I get mad about an environmental issue, I start researching it compliments of Google...tonight, came across an unpublished report that was given to the NY Times, and want to thank them for sharing it with the world .  If you are wondering why natural gas drilling (and fracking) have been exempted from the Clean Water Act, the answer is simple...the EPA knows that fracking presents ever growing and expanding risks to our environment, our fresh drinking water supplies, and human health.  I would encourage everyone to go browse through this report.  Do not take my words, nor my sometimes angry rhetoric to heart, but instead, research this troubling technology, and make your own informed decisions.  If you agree with me that the risks far outweigh the temporary benefits of accessing these natural gas resources, get involved in the battle to ban hydrofracking as a means to access shale doing so, you will save THOUSANDS of rural communities across America, protect your own drinking water supplies, and possibly save your own children s lives.

Could You Be Forced To Participate in Fracking...In A Word...YES

Could This Hideous Site Be Your Once Beautiful Land?

You own a beautiful organic farm of say 50 acres, or perhaps you have a second home situated on 15-20 acres with a beautiful pond on it.  The organic farm has been in your family for decades, your beautiful home with a pond is the spot of many wonderful shared memories, grandparents, parents and children spending weekends and summers there for multiple generations.

One day, a landman knocks on your door, wants to lease your land for natural gas exploration and drilling.  You politely listen, and then say, "Thanks but no thanks, we really are not interested in having you despoil our land."  It would be nice if this were the end of the tale, would be nice if your wishes were adhered too.  Sadly, you may not have any choice, more than likely could be FORCED into accepting something occurring under your land that you do not want.

If you live in an area where Fracking is an issue,  a possibility, would strongly advise you to look at the NY DEP's COMPULSORY INTEGRATION PROCESS, and then get involved in the crusade to prohibit nature gas drilling activities that include hydrofracking methods.  

The basic run down is simple...a company wants to drill, they suspect there is a major cache of this precious commodity under X area of ground.  There is a lot of opposition to the project, but 60 percent (based on acreage, not owners) of the landowners sign agreements, lease their land to the project in the hopes of future that point, you are in trouble, and your land is in trouble.  The NY DEP is going to force you to attend a hearing, and then they are going to force you to become an unwilling participant in the raping of your own land, force you to become a partner in the project UNDER DURESS.

The Compulsory Integration Process

The Oil, Gas and Solution Mining Law provides a process to address land that is associated with a well but is not controlled by the well operator through a lease or other type of voluntary agreement. This process begins when a well permit is issued, and provides the mineral rights owner with three choices - at three different risk levels - for potential compensation for oil or gas production if the well is successful. Read the Guide to Compulsory Integration Options for more information. Again, this guide is provided for informational purposes and does not substitute for legal advice.

Could New York Gas Shale Fracking Cause Melt Down At Indian Point Nuclear Reactor? Maybe...

Indian Point Next Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station? 
After the horrific nuclear accident in Japan, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has come finally admitted what most in the Anti Nuclear Camp have known for decades...that the reactor in the most danger should a earthquake hit is Entergy's trouble plagued Indian Point reactors, IP2 and the time of the plant's original licensing, Indian Point was able to be exempt from the new Earthquake criteria, as said rules had not yet been finalized by the commission...if they had been, these two reactors which are built DIRECTLY ATOP A EARTHQUAKE FAULT could have never been built.  Which makes the NRC's plans to re-license these two aged relics from nuclear energy's early days even more troublesome and confusing.

So, what does this have to do with Shale Gas and a word, everything.  Increased earthquake activity out in Arkansas has seen the state put a stop to fracking activities there until such time as scientists, and the companies involved can prove that said INCREASED earthquake activities are not being caused by the gas industry's unsafe and unsound drilling practices.

Looking at this fact, lets look at theTEPCO reactors, and the ever spreading crisis in Japan.  The earthquake and subsequent tsunami have caused damages into the hundreds of billions of dollars, and the financial, environmental and human life costs are rising with each passing day.  The Japanese government is now admitting that radiation 100,000 allowable limits is being found in the ground surrounding the failing, cracked and broken nuclear reactors...others are finally admitting the truth those in the know feared...radioactive materials in lethal amounts have made their way into the ocean, and world air currents have now carried radioactive contaminants not just to the west coast of America, but clear across our great land to the East Coast, all this in a matter of just weeks.

President Obama has just ordered a review of all 104 operating reactors...that is not enough.  Certain reactors such as Entergy's Indian Point (built atop a earthquake fault) need to be immediately shut down, the task of decommissioning begun.  Furthermore, we need a moratorium on all fracking activities in the United States of America until such time as scientists have had more time to adequately study the correlation between the gas industry's use of this dangerous technology, and increased earthquake activity in the areas it has been deployed too.  The world simply cannot afford another event like the one now unfolding at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Japan.

It is suggested here, that the NY DEP in light of the situation in Japan, in light of the situation out in Arkansas where fracking has brought on greatly increased seismic activity, that the Final GEIS be reopened so that this important issue of frackings relationship to increased seismic activity can be properly and thoroughly investigated by our brightest scientific scholars...simply stated, there is just too much riding on this rule promulgation not to take the time to investigate any and all new areas of concern before the DEP begins issuing permits that will include fracking activities.


Was Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Caused By Fracking? Some Seem To Think So

For those who have not seen this You Tube Video, it is frightening to watch...for those that have been watching the NUCLEAR DISASTER left in its wake, that reality and the wholesale radioactive poisoning of perhaps millions of Japanese is even scarier.  What if all of this was caused by, is a collateral end line result of fracking in the regionBefore you scoff at such a suggestion, ask yourselves why it is that Japan, and those involved in Gas exploration and development off its shore do not want to come clean about what fracking, and how much of it has been going on.

Welcome To Fracktoid...Contributing Authors Welcome

Fracking KILLS Communities
Greetings Fracktoids:

First, I have to admit my own ignorance on the subject of Fracking...until Saturday March 26, 2011 I had not even heard of the word, let alone the environmentally reprehensible act it referenced.  I was attending the showing of "The Greenhorns" at the (Catskill Art Society) CAS Arts Center Livingston Manor and during the question and answer immediately following, a woman was quiet vocal about it, and I had hoped to have a further opportunity to speak with her on the subject.  That opportunity occurred today at another event I was attending on the subject of buying food locally grown.  

The woman in question it turned out is one Victoria Lesser who was very well informed on the subject, and who suggested I visit Catskill Citizens, which I did this evening...what I read there, and so very basic research I did after visiting that site has me absolutely convinced that Fracking is both dangerous to our environment, and our human health...thus the word and title for this blog, who has been, is being, or will be harmed by the deplorable act used by gas drilling companies known as Fracking.

Sure that some might think my decision is made in haste...after all, how can one do adequate enough research in a few scant hours to make a decision on such an important issue, and how can one be against a gas industry practice that makes it easier to extract gas from underneath the ground...the politically incorrect part of me could simply state, "I'm opposed to anything that has George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Haliburton's filthy dirty corrupt fingerprints on it", and be speaking truth.  However, there are far more insidious reason that have caused me to, in a moment, become a citizens opposed to Fracking.  For reasons of brevity in this opening post, shall simply list a few on my list, which I am sure will grow into quite a lengthy one as time goes by and the story unfolds itself.

1.  The chemicals used in this process are known HUMAN carcinogens, that among other things, cause cancer and birth defects.

2.  The industry, much like the nuclear industry is hiding much of the horrific truth of the chemicals used in their deadly cocktail from members of the Stakeholder Communities under the guise and claim of Proprietary is noted here, that should a citizen group choose to CHALLENGE THIS CLAIM with say the EPA, the company(ies) would have to prove their right and need to keep the recipe secret from their competitors far outweighs a stakeholder community's NEED TO KNOW.  No lawyer here, but be willing to bet the industry would lose this one if properly challenged...especially since everyone in the industry who is doing FRACKING probably already has the recipe, or one of a similar dangerous concoction, which means they are claiming Proprietary Privilege for only ONE keep citizens from being able to truly measure the risks to both human health and the environment from the egregious dangerous act of FRACKING. 

3.  The US EPA which has a deplorable record of protecting both human health and the environment with the help of one George W. Bush has exempted the gas industry and their fracking from the Clean Water Act...there is ONLY ONE REASON TO DO THIS...fracking RUINS YOUR SAFE DRINKING WATER!

It was not too long into my research that I saw MUCH WAS and IS being done by some very fine groups, and my only hope, is that this little blog will add more fuel to the proverbial fire as communities wake up all across America and start saying NO TO THE GAS INDUSTRY...some fights are worth fighting, and this is one of them.