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BAN FRACKING-May 2nd March on Albany! Further Details Coming

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Just found this on FACEBOOK...putting out an early HEADS UP!  There is going to be a MARCH on ALBANY May 2nd to demand an end to FRACKING in the state of New York.  Start clearing your schedules now for this important march.  We need thousands, even TENS OF THOUSANDS marching, not hundreds. The (un)Natural Gas industry is spending TENS OF MILLIONS trying to sell us a Red Herring, trying to sell us on them fracking our pristine rural areas here in is time we let Albany see our numbers, and our anger.

March on Albany! It's Time to Ban Fracking in New York State

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Monday, May 2 · 11:00am - 9:00pm

Albany, NY

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On Monday May 2nd, 2011 come to Albany to march on the capitol and demand a permanent ban on hydraulic fracturing in New York State! Let's mobilize our communities, unite a diverse coalition, and bring out the big numbers to show the power behind our demand. We know that nothing short of a ban on hydraulic fracturing for oil or gas will protect our water, our air, our land, our communities, and our health—and we will not accept anything less than a full and permanent ban. New York's future is in our hands! Let's work together to make New York State the first state in the country to WIN in this battle.

Full march and rally details TBA

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