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Protesters Interupt Commission Meeting in Harriburg

Anti Frack Protesters yesterday interrupted the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission's second meeting, speaking TRUTH against a commission stacked in favorite of the (un)Natural Gas industry, most of the seats filled with industry insiders, and chaired by what can only be described as a industry whore and slut in Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley who along with Governor Corbett have an affinity for sucking on the teat of (Un)Natural Gas Industry money changers as the industry lines their pockets with Fracked Gold. 

Fracking Well Pad Daily Occurance?
When one protester (Mr. Stilp)suggested that the Commission be disbanded, a new one with more CITIZEN STAKEHOLDER representation created, Lt. Governor Jim (slick lips) Cawley reportedly SNORTED, "the makeup of the commission is nowhere near as important as the information that is collected." He went on to spew forth some Paul Bunyan sized tall tale about how any one could get him information they wanted the commission to review, and he would see it was put into the right hands...YEAH RIGHT.

Nathan Sooy of Clean Water Action (one of the organizations who spear headed the protest) said Lt. Governor Cawley's assurances were not enough...and they are not.  Any anal retentive chimp tripping on LSD could look at the Commission's make up and see where the ship is being steered.  It is the tail wagging the dog, the (un)Natural Gas industry getting to create/write the guidelines that they will be willing to abide by as they rape the environment, disrupt communities, and poison water.  Voluntary compliance is a farce, and putting together a Marcellus Shale Commission wherein the industry holds the MAJORITY VOTE is worthy of the Justice Department stepping in with a RICO investigation of the Governor, Lt. Governor and various members of the commission now seated.

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