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Fracking KILLS Communities
Greetings Fracktoids:

First, I have to admit my own ignorance on the subject of Fracking...until Saturday March 26, 2011 I had not even heard of the word, let alone the environmentally reprehensible act it referenced.  I was attending the showing of "The Greenhorns" at the (Catskill Art Society) CAS Arts Center Livingston Manor and during the question and answer immediately following, a woman was quiet vocal about it, and I had hoped to have a further opportunity to speak with her on the subject.  That opportunity occurred today at another event I was attending on the subject of buying food locally grown.  

The woman in question it turned out is one Victoria Lesser who was very well informed on the subject, and who suggested I visit Catskill Citizens, which I did this evening...what I read there, and so very basic research I did after visiting that site has me absolutely convinced that Fracking is both dangerous to our environment, and our human health...thus the word and title for this blog, who has been, is being, or will be harmed by the deplorable act used by gas drilling companies known as Fracking.

Sure that some might think my decision is made in haste...after all, how can one do adequate enough research in a few scant hours to make a decision on such an important issue, and how can one be against a gas industry practice that makes it easier to extract gas from underneath the ground...the politically incorrect part of me could simply state, "I'm opposed to anything that has George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Haliburton's filthy dirty corrupt fingerprints on it", and be speaking truth.  However, there are far more insidious reason that have caused me to, in a moment, become a citizens opposed to Fracking.  For reasons of brevity in this opening post, shall simply list a few on my list, which I am sure will grow into quite a lengthy one as time goes by and the story unfolds itself.

1.  The chemicals used in this process are known HUMAN carcinogens, that among other things, cause cancer and birth defects.

2.  The industry, much like the nuclear industry is hiding much of the horrific truth of the chemicals used in their deadly cocktail from members of the Stakeholder Communities under the guise and claim of Proprietary is noted here, that should a citizen group choose to CHALLENGE THIS CLAIM with say the EPA, the company(ies) would have to prove their right and need to keep the recipe secret from their competitors far outweighs a stakeholder community's NEED TO KNOW.  No lawyer here, but be willing to bet the industry would lose this one if properly challenged...especially since everyone in the industry who is doing FRACKING probably already has the recipe, or one of a similar dangerous concoction, which means they are claiming Proprietary Privilege for only ONE keep citizens from being able to truly measure the risks to both human health and the environment from the egregious dangerous act of FRACKING. 

3.  The US EPA which has a deplorable record of protecting both human health and the environment with the help of one George W. Bush has exempted the gas industry and their fracking from the Clean Water Act...there is ONLY ONE REASON TO DO THIS...fracking RUINS YOUR SAFE DRINKING WATER!

It was not too long into my research that I saw MUCH WAS and IS being done by some very fine groups, and my only hope, is that this little blog will add more fuel to the proverbial fire as communities wake up all across America and start saying NO TO THE GAS INDUSTRY...some fights are worth fighting, and this is one of them.


  1. Welcome to the ClusterFrack,
    I became FRACKED one year ago upon watching the Josh Fox interview on NOW on PBS.
    Referring to the Kübler-Ross Model, I skipped over Denial and became Angry. Been there ever since - for me there will be no Bargaining or Acceptance. I just ignore the Depression.
    You've done a great job in only 3 days.
    Let me know if I can be of assistance.
    In my opinion (for whatever it's worth), the single most important and informative blog is bluedaze by TXsharon:
    Put in the time there and get yourself a fracking graduate education.
    Be seeing you.

  2. Fracked:

    Thanks for the encouraging words...will visit Bluedaze before the night is through...right now, just really trying too bring myself up to speed on all of this, and in doing so, asking some questions a typical newbie would ask that some just do not seem to have the patience to hear. So much for the old adage, "The only stupid question is one not asked." Of course, in all fairness, have to admit that I myself have not a lot of patience for stupid questions when it involves nuclear issue, which for many years has been where my own activist activities have been spent.

    Thanks again for the encouraging words...



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