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If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, Your Community Has Probably Been Listening to A Landman...Calls For Morantorium on State Permits on Marcellus Wells Picking Up Speed

Pick an old adage..."what glistens is not gold", "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is" and they all seem to fit the BOLD PROMISES(lies) being made by self serving parties that has created the GOLD RUSH frenzy in the (un)Natural Gas industry as companies and landmen fall over each other in what may be one of the biggest land/resource grabs in American history.  Better late than never, communities and some politicians are waking up, starting to ask questions that the Natural Gas Industry does not want to answer, and as these people learn more, the rally cry calling for a Moratorium on the issuance of Shale Gas state permits is growing...the latest call comes with a bit of CLOUT as Delegates Barbara Fleischauer (Monongalia County) and Mike Mannypenny (Taylor County) and 21 other Delegates have joined in calling for a moratorium on any new permits for Marcellus gas wells in the state of West Virginia. 

Special Thanks to Frack Check WV for the heads up on this important story.

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