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Protesters Successfully Crash Marcellus Conference

BIG NEWS happening now...Protesters successfully CRASH Marcellus Conference delivering a Bill of Indictment at a conference held to figure out a way around the BAD PRESS surrounding FRACKING...doing my SNOOPY DANCE HERE....way to go folks!  Read the article here.

Snow Just Hides Shale Gas Crimes
Donald Love, a senior technical service and development specialist with Dow Microbial Control, had just finished his presentation on addressing public skepticism about fracing chemicals when three members of an anti-drilling protest group walked into the conference room and announced: “We are here to deliver a bill of idictment of the natural gas industry. We would like to read these charges and we would like to debate here and now these charges again the industry.”

This is what Love was talking about. The entire morning at the IQPC Marcellus Shale Environmental Summit, there were discussions of how to steal the media spotlight from bad news and those who disapprove.

Industry professionals in the audience wondered aloud why no one ever reports the good news about the Marcellus.  Uhhhh....good news as in the profits lining their pockets as they DESTROY OUR COMMUNITIES?  That GOOD NEWS?

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