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Take Paradise Put Up a Shale Gas Fracking Rig...Sure The Governor Personally Approved This One

 Tiadaghton State Forest-Beautiful place this Tiadaghton State Forest...pristine woodland area with 80 year growth since it's lumbering days, beautiful clean water, a great place for hiking, walking, and a host of other leisure/recreational things...A PEOPLES PARK.  So imagine my surprise today when reading Twitter to find out a major segment of its trail has been temporarily SHUT DOWN, put off limits so that a SHALE GAS WELL can be placed, and some greedy gas company can FRACK THE HELL out of the area, destroy its natural beauty, despoil its pristine crystal clear waters, and more than likely permanently and forever scare the landscape...HELLO, this is the peoples land...who in the world in Pennsylvania sign such a short sighted lease with the (un)natural gas industry?

The mother of a Boy Scout gave me the heads up on this one, so give her a follow on twitter.....(see Hikers Guide, segment 15)

sf-sm map icon Tiadaghton Maps Detailed maps can help you plan your trip. Download the public use map and other trail and recreational activity maps.
Tiadaghton State Forest is comprised of 215,500 acres mostly in Lycoming County. Other tracts extend into Tioga, Sullivan, Potter, Clinton, and Union counties. Tiadaghton's forest features high-country flats bisected by clean, fast-moving mountain streams, including the legendary Pine Creek and Slate Run.

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