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Companies Like Chesapeake Energy Spend MILLIONS on Propanganda

If you go visit some of Chesapeake Energy's propaganda sites, read their so called FACT SHEETS you soon realize how easily those within the Nature Gas industry come to lying...or who knows, maybe they are so blinded by their quests for huge profits that they are truly blind to the damage FRACKING has done and will do to our environment.  Sure Chesapeake Energy wants to race forward in mock outrage at such an allegation, but some simple Google Searches quickly prove the point that they hold the environment, and average citizens in high disdain.

Google Chesapeake Energy Environmental Violations, and you find FIFTEEN THOUSAND hits...that number in and of itself should give every American cause for concern, should see us doubting any study, any fact sheet bearing their company name.  In the past three years the Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Dept. has cited 47 well operators more than 900 times for "environmental health and safety" violations with Chesapeake Energy LEADING THE PACK...even worse, in some cases, they just simply IGNORED THE REGULATIONS, did what they wanted to do.

After a routine site inspection March 8 and a March 10 meeting with Chesapeake, DEP issued a notice of violation for several infractions of the Clean Streams Law and Oil and Gas Act. The company did not respond to the notice. During follow-up inspections March 21 and 22, staff discovered the additional violations and impacts that resulted in the March 22 order.

It is sorely tempting in the case of Chesapeake Energy and its various subsidiary holdings to use the word part because they seem fond of using fear, intimidation and  law suits to get their such case they filed was against a county clerk FOR DOING HER JOB.  When the recorders office protocols did not allow Chesapeake Energy to file gas drilling leases fast enough (this clerk's office has approved over 5,000 of their leases, the company MARCHED INTO COURT asking a judge to have her policies deemed unlawful.  This blogs guess...for Chesapeake Energy, it is not a matter of right or wrong, it is about bleeding a county's treasury down to force them to give into Chesapeake's preferred means of doing business...which one could suggest is unethical, if not unlawful...any one looked into a RICO case?

Apparently, a part of Chesapeake Energy's business model seems to be violate laws, regulations and contracts down, and negotiate out a fine later.  One such example of this, is their violation of a water agreement in Pennsylvania wherein they violated the agreed upon contract FORTY SEVEN TIMES in just a one year period, withdrawing more water from local water supplies than their maximum allowed daily amount.  Sure their paltry $20,000 fine for FORTY SEVEN VIOLATIONS was a bargain for them, and it makes you wonder just how many local politicians they own.

Chesapeake Energy, and other companies in the natural gas mix in a big way all seem to follow this same business model, and one would be well served to take their supposed FACT SHEETS and view them for what they are...not worth the paper they are printed on.

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