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Know Thine Enemy...The (DUG) Developing Unconventional Gas Conference

April 18-20, 2011 in Fort Worth Texas, HARTENERGY is hosting the (DUG)Developing Unconventional Gas Conference at the Fort Worth Convention Center.  The cast of characters (patrons) and industry supporters (exhibitors) is a treasure trove list of those Companies/Organizations who, through fracking, are contaminating community drinking water supplies, despoiling our environment, and negatively affecting the health of those who have the misfortune of living near a natural gas well.  A big part of this writer wishes to be in Fort Worth, as this is a great opportunity to gathered up some wonderful information (free handouts), and perhaps even do some serious business card collecting.  Since Forth Worth is a far distance away, shall instead encourage some of the Anti-Frackers in the area to make an appearance if you have the opportunity, and share here in this article the names of some of the patrons  found on the conference least then, a list of those companies websites/links can be accumulated for posting at a future date and time.  Sure would be nice to know how much money was spent for these OUTRAGEOUSLY OVER RATED slots at the conference...exhibitors list will be shared in another post.

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