Fracking Video Review



If The News is Bad, BURY THE REPORT

Our Drinking water is AT RISK
OK...This whole FRACKING thing has me upset...reading about the huge potential of radiological contamination from shale gas on top of everything else, upset is very quickly becoming livid. When I get mad about an environmental issue, I start researching it compliments of Google...tonight, came across an unpublished report that was given to the NY Times, and want to thank them for sharing it with the world .  If you are wondering why natural gas drilling (and fracking) have been exempted from the Clean Water Act, the answer is simple...the EPA knows that fracking presents ever growing and expanding risks to our environment, our fresh drinking water supplies, and human health.  I would encourage everyone to go browse through this report.  Do not take my words, nor my sometimes angry rhetoric to heart, but instead, research this troubling technology, and make your own informed decisions.  If you agree with me that the risks far outweigh the temporary benefits of accessing these natural gas resources, get involved in the battle to ban hydrofracking as a means to access shale doing so, you will save THOUSANDS of rural communities across America, protect your own drinking water supplies, and possibly save your own children s lives.

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