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Why Did DOE Use Our Tax Dollars To Produce Pro SHALE GAS Literature?

How many of you know that the DOE (with our tax dollars) has been subsidizing the Natural Gas Industry since its inception?  How many of you know that the DOE has been doing the Natural Gas Industry's Research and Development FREE OF CHARGE for DECADES?  How many of you know that right now, the DOE is using OUR TAX DOLLARS to produce slick eight pages PRO SHALE GAS pamphlets for the Natural Gas Industry?  When is this Natural Gas industry WELFARE GOING TO END?

New Shale Gas Brochure Now Available!
A new brochure, Shale Gas: Applying Technology to Solve America's Energy Challenges, has been released by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory. The brochure explains the origins of shale gas and maps the locations of shale gas plays in the United States. Included is a timeline of important milestones in the development of shale gas—from the first U.S. commercial natural gas well in 1821, through the technological advances of the 20th century, to today’s growth in production. Further collaborations will focus on safety, environmental sustainability and quantifying the risks of exploration and production activity.

See the free Pro SHALE GAS handout here.

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