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Government and Big Business Using Propaganda to BRAINWASH Public on Natural Gas

Thank God for was and is a wake up call, hopefully one that America hears, hopefully one that sees us as private citizens get galvanized behind an issue like we have not done since the protests against the Vietnam War.   Leave no doubt, our lands are under siege, the Natural Gas industry with the help and full backing of our government (local, state and federal) government willing to stoop to any level to frack our lands.  We as citizens are under attack, a full bore Propaganda Campaign targeted at us, telling us how good Natural Gas is for America, how green a fuel it is...BOTH LIES, both claims meant to play on emotions, divide our communities into us and them camp as battle lines are draw, neighbor against neighbor, while the Natural Gas industry does and end around, selling the concept of Natural Gas as a clean green PATRIOTIC fuel to our children, finding insidious means to take their message right to our children in the schools.

I would suggest one do some research, begin looking at the wealth of reports and data out there that show we are being sold out, that the decision to drill for Natural Gas in New York's Marcellus Shale already made, the government merely placating us for now hoping to avoid armed confrontation, troops being used to protect Natural Gas companies like Chesapeake Energy and their access to our lands for the purpose of extracting Natural Gas at all cost...for now, they have time, time to use commercial, pamphlets, and committees filled with Natural Gas Industry insiders that have been charged to write guidelines for drilling...all of these meant to brainwash us into blind acceptance of our fate, brainwash us into believing the lie that Natural Gas is a clean green fossil fuel that is GOOD FOR AMERICA.  

Take a look at this week's announcement from the White House about their new Natural Gas committee...the purpose of the committee is not to study Hydraulic Fracturing, but instead is a committee who's sole purpose is to find ways to EXPEDITE the drilling of our lands, for us to acquiesce to the landman, sign their leases like good Patriotic Americans.  At almost every stump speech now, he hammers on NATURAL GAS and increasing its production as is witnessed by this quote from his appearance in Indiana:

"If we’re serious about meeting our energy challenge we’re going to have to do more than drill.  And that’s why the real solution is clean, homegrown energy.  The real solution is advanced biofuels -- and there’s a lot of good biofuel work being done here in Indiana.  It means that we’ve got to have natural gas vehicles.  We’ve got a lot of natural gas that can be produced here in the United States of America.  It means making our cars and trucks more energy-efficient, because if we use less oil, that reduces demand; that brings the price down; and you will see the impact at the pump.  That’s what’s going to make a difference and that’s why what you’re doing here is so important."

Forget the safety issues, don't worry about (un)Natural Gas companies spoiling the land, and poisoning our drinking water...DRILL BABY DRILL, and President Obama is LEADING THE CHORUS.  With orders from the White House, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced a new committee on Natural Gas, and this committee was/is charged with bringing Natural Gas to the market place AT ALL COSTS...

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration, seeing increased domestic natural gas production as a linchpin in its long-term energy strategy, has named a panel of experts to find ways to make hydraulic fracturing, a fast-growing method of extracting natural gas, safer and cleaner. 

Giving lip service to safer and cleaner, the Obama White House wants Natural Gas, and they wanted it FAST.  As you read up on this new committee, read about its charge, you realize we are being example, the committee has been given only NINETY DAYS to present a plan to get more natural gas to market in a faster short, DRILL BABY DRILL. As this is going on, those of us living at ground zero here in the Marcellus Shale are being deluged day and night with on-the-air PROPAGANDA as commercial after commercial touts Natural Gas as a Patriotically GREEN energy source...this onslaught times so that our children are FORCED to see, participate in and be brainwashed themselves...imagine an adult, articulate, versed on the issue, opposed to FRACKING having their child come in and say, "Mommy, we should let them drill for Natural Gas on our property, it's a CLEAN ENERGY SOURCE, and America needs the energy."

Before America races headlong into raping our lands in the name of Natural Gas, I have a few questions for the industry, for our politicians, for President Barack Obama.

1.  Is it fair to used Pooling to force property owners to accept drilling using Hydraulic Fracturing under their lands...even when they OWN THEIR MINERAL RIGHTS?

2.  Is it fair to use a drilling method that you know will drive down the property values of those living in these new Gas Drilling Fields?

Will be Imprisoned For Opposing Fracking?
3.  Is it fair to force Hydraulic Fracturing on communities, is it fair to even let the industry use this technology when you know that said technology will negatively impact the drinking water supplies of many of the communities which will be fracked?

4.  In the name of National Energy Security, is it right and moral for the US EPA and other regulatory agencies to let Natural Gas companies use FRACKING CHEMICALS that are known carcinogens that cause cancers, birth defects and other health issues too access this resource?

5.  Just how much collateral damage in despoiled land (including in our state and national parks), in ruined drinking water supplies, in lost lives is acceptable in the name of Natural Gas?  Have we learned NOTHING from the nuclear disaster in Japan?  Have we not learned that you cannot simply assumed the worst case scenario will NEVER HAPPEN?

I ask you what cost Natural Gas?

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