Fracking Video Review



Battlement Mesa...The Tragic HISTORY of Natural Gas....Would You Believe Nuclear Bomb FRACKING?

A cursory look at the DOE, and its various sub-agencies dedicated over to Natural Gas, and you realize they have a Pro Natural Gas Industry bias that should see them STEP ASIDE when it comes to any issue involving decisions about protecting Human Health, our Environment, and our FRESH WATER SUPPLIES...simply stated, they cannot be trusted.  Imagine if you will using Atomic Bombs to FRACK for Natural Gas...far fetched right? INSANE RIGHT?  Would never happen?  WRONG, it did happen!  Back in 1969 as the DOE looked for peaceful uses for the Atomic about an OXYMORON!  Now, all these years later, our Federal Government is actually wanting to let a new company drill for natural gas in the same area of the Rulison Site where in 1969 this NUCLEAR FRACKING turned out to be a dismal failure, the gas extracted so radioactive it could not be used.

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