Fracking Video Review




The Natural Gas industry, even our own government are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on what could be described as America's GREATEST PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN as they try to shape the general public's perceptions and expectations when it comes to Natural Gas, Hydraulic Fracturing, and the DAMAGE that will result from its wide spread use.  Well, it is time we in the Anti-Fracking camp start SPENDING SOME OF THEIR MONEY!  If you start looking around, you will find out that many Pro_Natural Gas Groups (funded by A) the natural gas industry and/or B) our TAXES) are willing to send you out a lot of FREE I know we do not really WANT THIS STUFF....but, every time one of us receives a freebie from their side, we are DEPLETING THEIR WAR CHEST in this fight.

As example, yesterday I received a nice hand written note with not one, but two bumper stickers from Energize WV.  Letterhead stationary and envelope...the time to write the note, put everything in the envelope cost them at least a few bucks...not much, but what if we started doing that in the THOUSANDS, and hitting multiple sites to collect their freebies?  Another example...Pro Natural Gas shill American Clean Skies (their whole entire board is made up of Oil Industry board members, and 20 million has been steered their way) is so anxious to get their answer to Gasland out into the hands of the public, they sent me a FREE CD COPY OVER NIGHT DELIVERY!

If you know of industry FREEBIES, leave us a comment with their name!

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