Fracking Video Review



Another MUST WATCH You Tube Fracking Video

In our on going efforts to educate the public to the risks of FRACKING OUR LANDS, we are always on the look out for worthwhile things to share with our readers...we especially like You Tube video presentations, as they are an EASY TO SHARE educational tool you can share with your family, friends and neighbors.  Tonight, found this one to be a great example of tools you can add to your own arsenal of weapons in combating the (un)Natural Gas Industry's PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN going on here in New York State.

IF you would like an example of Natural Gas PROPAGANDA, there is no greater flim flam artist than T.Boone Pickens who has been trying to sell us (un)Natural Gas snake oil now for a few years...ask yourselves, can you really trust a BILLIONAIRE OIL MAN when it comes to ANYTHING?

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