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Please Bookmark and Read Mountaindale After Dark if You Have Been Following This Blog

Greetings Fellow Anti Fracking Foot Soldiers:

All those who have been following me know three things:

A) That I have not posted in this blog for some time (since May actually).

B)  That my absence here does not mean I have not been posting articles against Fracking...just that it is very hard to find time to maintain multiple blogs.  For that, I do apologize.

C)  That I have still been active in the Anti Fracking movement, was at and spoke at the NYDEC hearing held here in Sullivan County NY in Niovember.

Looking at my own time constraints, realize that I need to consolidate my efforts to better maximize my time, and better serve the Anti-Fracking movement as well.  For that reason, I have exported all the articles from this blog to my "Mountaindale After Dark" blog, where I have been posting on various issues and news items, including the issue of Fracking. 

Over the next few days and weeks will also move all the useful links accumulated here on Fracktoid to the "Mountaindale After Dark" blog, and hope everyone who has enjoyed the content here will go over and check out this blog, bookmark it and follow us regularly.

If someone in the movement is interested in taking over this blog, it's twitter account, please drop me a private email at and be happy to discuss it with you.

You can read my latest Anti Fracking article here.

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